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About Frank Gaglio & Barn Star Productions

Show promoter, Frank Gaglio, is a longtime dealer in American antiques with special expertise in furniture and folk art. In 1994, he created Barn Star Productions with the goal of providing premier antiques shows. These events transform host facilities into exciting arenas for antiques professionals to display and sell in a hands-on, approachable atmosphere. The many customer amenities offered to patrons create convenience and comfort, turning antiques shows into antiquing destinations. Within a ten year period, the name Barn Star Productions has become synonymous with a high quality, sophisticated presentation mixed with ease and accessibility. Frank is an active member of the Professional Show Managers Association, Inc., (PSMA) and co-founder of the Antiques Dealers Association of America (ADA.).

Barn Star's Business Theory

When Frank Gaglio began to plan his first show in New Hampshire, he theorized that multiple events during the same week would attract more collectors from greater geographic distances. Over the years the idea of “show clustering” has proven to be fruitful not only for the show promoters within these clusters but for the facilities, hotels, motels, restaurants and antiques shops in the communities.

Community Involvement

While the main objective of Barn Star Productions is to promote and manage successful shows, it is also dedicated to establishing long-lasting relationships within its event communities. A few initiatives that have been successful include donations to local food banks and paper recycling programs. To date, Barn Star Productions has worked in conjunction with organizations such as Cerebral Palsy of Delaware County, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Children's Crisis Treatment Center of Philadelphia, the Animal Rescue League of NH, The Glebe House, and the Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association. It has also supported children’s funding through programs such as The Heroes Scholarship Fund in Philadelphia, PA. Barn Star Productions plans to continue to build associations with worthy causes and is always open to new ideas for reaching out to its host communities.

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